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Your Abundant Soul Welcomes You

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Hello,   my name is Angela Chavez

I am the content creator behind this site. I am an empath intuitive, a caregiver, and I must admit a closet light worker, honestly, I am also in the closet as an empath and intuitive.


This blog is my passion and my gift to you

I have been awake for many years, but being awake is not a destination, it's a journey that keeps calling you to awaken more and more. It does not end, you don't reach a place where you are done. Instead, there are times when you retreat, rest, and heal, and then back out you go. 

My spirit guides revealed to me years ago that I would be writing a blog to share with others my path and that out of this sharing,  would evolve my soul tribe.   It is my deepest hope to connect with others who are also awake or awakening, and yes those of you who may even just be curious and not yet awakening.  



I created this blog for all the deeply sensitive people who are seeking to understand more about themselves.  

I have had the call on my heart for many years to build this blog and share with you what I have gathered, learned, and experienced over several decades but I ignored it until the call of my soul has become so loud I no longer can.  

So I am stepping out to share with you, dear reader. I believe that everything happens for a reason.  

On this blog, you will discover many ways to unleash your inner light.  2024 is all about transformation.  It's a perfect time for Your Abundant Soul to support that journey. 

Thank you for reading, 

Love and Light, 

Angela Chavez

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